Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving/Getting Going Again

Hey everyone,
I'm going to try and start getting back into my blog. Wow, has this past year been a challenge and interesting to boot. But, with the challenge has come a greater understanding of what God's love feels like and who God is. For me individually, my background was from an orthodox LDS background. Many individuals in my family have been in church leadership.

I remember so many lessons in church where I was taught that to "question" was to plant the seeds of apostasy. How wrong that is! For me personally, I needed to question and understand, since no one could provide an explanation of where I fit in with the church.

So, the good news is I have received peace from God about who I am. I feel no need to change. I embrace being gay. I know that homosexuality is not a sin, unless, it breaks vows or commitments to others. How can God make a mistake? He doesn't! It would be a cruel joke to buy into the notion that to be gay is to carry around a "cross" or "vice". Why would a loving Heavenly Father do that? Would he really have me "self loathe" my entire life?

The good news is that the Lord loves all of his gay children and will bless us with just as many blessings as any other sheep in his fold. So smile :-)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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